Exhibitions and Participations
& Awards –
2020 Tu felix Austria zeichne! 25 Years Austria in the European Union., Cartoon Museum, Krems
2019 A echter Deix, Cartoon Museum, Krems
2017 Single Exhibition; Galerie SCHÖN + BISSIG, Penzberg Bayern Germany
2015 Single Exhibition; True Pilates Studio, 1090 Vienna Austria
2015 Television and broadcasting in editorial cartoons; Cartoon Museum, Krems
2014 Drawing for peace – The peace dove in editorial cartoons; Cartoon Museum, Krems
2011 Editorial cartoons in the Parliament, House of the National and the Federal Councils, Vienna Austria
2011 10 years Karikaturmuseum Krems, Cartoon Museum, Krems
2009 Tobacco in editorial cartoons, Cartoon Museum, Krems
2009 Drawn to the Summit: A G-20 Exhibition of International Political Cartoons at "The Andy Warhol Museum", Pittsburgh PA
2009 Tierisch komisch, Cartoon Museum, Krems Austria
2009 Cartoons from the 27 countries of the EU, Athens
2008 Villacher Satireherbst, Villach Austria
2008 Der Ball, Karikaturmuseum Krems
2006 Aktuell, Karikaturmuseum Krems
2005 Friendly Neighbors, House of History of Germany, Bonn
2005 50 years of Austria’s National Treaty, Oberes Belvedere, Vienna
2005 Nothing but Heroes, National Exhibition of Lower Austria, Heldenberg
2005 World Press Cartoon, Sintra, Portugal
2004 The Hague Sculptur 2004, The Hague, Netherlands
2004 Alois Mock,Mister Europe, Cartoon Museum, Krems
2003 Kein Kommentar, Oliver Schopf, Jean Veenenbos, Dieter Zehentmayr, Cartoon Museum, Krems
2002 Thick and Thin, Cartoon Museum, Krems
2001 Opening Exhibition of Austria’s first Cartoon Museum, Krems
1999 2000 2001 2002 Courrier International, Cartoonfestival, Paris/Rouen
1997 Cartoon Competition of the Bavarian Architects, Munich, (Honorable mention)
1997 The EURO, Munich
1997 Beer Museum – Galery in the Castle, Laa/a/d/Thaya, Lower Austria
1997 Hertenbergermobil, Galerie Zentrum, Vienna
1997 Co- Exhibition with Andreas Breinbauer, Schärding
1996/97 Touring Exhibition Gegen die Mächtigen, Lower Austria
1996 Cartoon 96, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
1996 Opening Exhibition of the Cartoon-Museums, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, now situated in the Empire State Building, New York
1995 Köpenikade, Berlin
1995 Freie Akademie Feldkirchen, Carinthia
1995 Faber-Castell-Cartoon Competition, Germany (Honorable Mention)
1994 Exhibition Europa schrankenlos, St. Pölten, Lower Austria
1994 Cartoonfestival Rathdrum, Ireland
1993 Managers in editorial cartoons, Graz
1993 Karikatur in Österreich, St. Pölten
1993 Cartoonexhibition, Frankfurt a. Main
1990 Schloß Greillenstein, Lower Austria
1988 Satire in Österreich, Postsparkasse, Vienna
1988 Cartoonexhibition Galerie Weihergut, Salzburg
1988 Cartoonfestival Istanbul
1987/88 Salon international d’humour, St. Just-le-Martel
1986 Cartoonfestival Brussels